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GLENN KLEIN: Is the author of four
books.  He is a photographer, historian,
Graduate Gemologist GIA, and winner of
many National and International faceting
competition awards.  He is a Commercial
Pilot with Flight Instructor Land & Sea
Airplane ratings.  Glenn  also is the holder
an Instrument Flying rating.

Beginning faceters are often amazed at the beauty of their first few gemstones,
their first tries at taking a rough piece of one of the gem minerals and placing many
flat facets around its surface.  The sparkling stones always draw many compliments
from family members and friends.

At first try the author took a round glass marble, the kind that children play with,
and experimented with his faceting machine, laps,
and polishing powders to see what
he could do and what he should not do to be successful.  Not having had any lessons
or help from other faceters at the start, the author purchased any books that he
found available which had anything to do with faceting.  This was in the 1970's a time
when there was not much available in the way of faceting machines, a time when
those faceters who did find out what worked well for them kept their success a
secret.  There was not much sharing of information.

The author has written many articles having to do with faceting gemstones, and has
donated the articles to various rock and gem clubs for use in their newsletters.  
Some were used in magazines that supported interests of the gem faceting hobby.  
The author has a wall full of trophies that he has won when competing with faceters
from around the world.

The purpose of presenting this book is to offer many pages of information that are
guaranteed to help beginning faceters, intermediate faceters who have methods and
equipment questions that they would like answered, and faceters who want to
improve their skill to the level of becoming a world class faceter.

FACETING ARTICLES, DESIGNS, & PICTURES includes many of the authors
faceting articles that are meant to inform and improve faceting success for any
faceter.  There are many of the authors cut design patterns that add interest to the
articles.  Lastly, there are colored pictures that also add to the articles by showing
what the results were when the author made proof cuts of his designs.  
NOTICE:  These latest editions of the Authors four beautiful books are ONLY available
when ordered from this website:   The books are printed in Color and
have hard covers (except for Faceting Articles, Designs, & Pictures which is scroll bound).  
Ordering from any other source will be an outdated black and white, paper back book.  
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