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This thorough book is an interesting study of the faceting (cutting & polishing) of
gemstones.  The tools and technique used when working with diamond greatly
varies from those of all of the other colored gemstones such as Emerald, Ruby,
Sapphire and Aquamarine.  The required processes are well described in the
author's book along with numerous pictures dating from many decades/centuries

FACETING HISTORY is a book full of faceting knowledge.  It is welcome for its
information sharing.  This is a dramatic change from the centuries old way of
faceters withholding information, keeping secret the ways they have found to
improve the appearance of diamonds and colored gemstones.  Since World War II
the sharing of faceting knowledge has gone from nearly none to where it now can
easily be found on the computer, in lapidary magazines, and by attending Guild
meetings and gem shows.

The author has been faceting colored gemstones since the early 1960's.  Usually
his gemstones have  been precisely faceted for entry into National and
International gemstone faceting competitions.  He has done very well, and has an
entire wall full of trophies.
is a book that has long been needed by those who are interested in learning
about the methods and equipment that were first used in fashioning
diamonds and faceting colored gemstones.   and those that have evolved
through the centuries up to the present day.  

This book provides information about where in the world the most precious
gemstone rough has come from and how cut design patterns have improved
over time.  The book has very interesting descriptions of famous and historic
gemstones that have shaped history and been instrumental in Wars.  
Advances and improvements that have come about during the past one
hundred years are included, as well as picture examples from the author's
own collection.
The book serves well as an excellent tool that is needed by any jeweler who
wants to be able to present a knowledgeable and informative sales
presentation to a customer.  The author has written many articles about
faceting colored gemstones.  His articles have been published in various
magazines and lapidary Guild newsletters in order to help and encourage
facetors to improve their own cutting and polishing abilities.